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Services We Offer

Modern Systems Management Ltd. offers a variety of specialized building services through our in-house designers and technicians. Our factory trained personnel will ensure your project is tailored to your specific needs. From system specifications, through designing, execution, tuning and servicing of your facility, our staff's expertise and professionalism will carry your project through every step of the way.

Part Sales

  • Replacement of mechanical, lighting or HVAC parts and components is a necessary step in keeping any building running at peak performance. As systems age, components fail and require maintenance. With technology continually improving, these parts are often changed out for a more advanced alternative at very similar price-points.

    Modern Systems Management Ltd. represents Schneider Electric; their buying power gives us a competitive pricing advantage that we pass on to you as our customer. We stock many types of Thermostats, Timeclocks, Sensors, Valves, Actuators, Electric/Electronic Parts and Pneumatic Parts. Contact our parts department for the best pricing on BarberColman, Robertshaw, Siebe, Invensys, Erie, TAC, Belimo and many other product lines.

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Controls Specification Assistance

  • Controls Specifications encompassing Product Specifications, Sequence of Operations and DDC Points Lists form an intricate part of the tender process and documentation as they will ultimately determine the performance of the building systems, as well the ease with which the facility can be managed by the building operators.

    Our experienced systems designers are able to provide assistance with writing these specifications or generate them in their entirety. We can work with the building's designer to create sequences and systems tailored to the specific building's needs, thus providing significant cost benefits without sacrificing the functionality and performance of your control system.

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  • Most currently occupied buildings have been standing for generations; the technology currently running the building systems is often obsolete and not up to today's efficiency standards. With simple, even gradual retrofits your building can take advantage of significant increases in performance and energy efficiency which provide long term savings. Common retrofit areas are upgrades to your building's HVAC or lighting control system. Building Automation Systems are a valuable tool that will provide building occupants with the highest level of comfort possible while providing you with the tools to manage energy consumption efficiently.

    Our extensive experience with a wide range of retrofit projects in occupied buildings ensures that the effect on tenants is minimized while we work to provide the best solutions and most useful upgrade path for improving the comfort and functionality of your facility. If you are upgrading your Building Management System or would like options for retrofit and energy efficient upgrades, large or small, Modern Systems can help. For more information or to request a quote, please contact our sales department today.

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  • Integration is a critical part of building automation and maintenance, giving us the ability to combine chillers, lighting products, boiler control and other aspects of your facility into a single access point. This provides opportunities for unified alarm messaging from any system in your facility, combining system operation with card access and security control, optimizing energy efficiency with lighting and heating water control and an overview of all maintenance needs at your finger tips. Our products are designed to take full advantage of open standards, integrating with LonWorks® and BACnet™ devices seamlessly, as well as with industry technologies such as Network 8000, MicroSmart, Modbus and others. We provide the experience and expertise to bring your various building devices together into a single interface for on-demand monitoring and control.

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LonWorks® Products

  • LonWorks® is the network protocol created by Echelon Corporation, designed specifically for control applications. Today LonWorks® is an ANSI accepted standard and one of the data link/physical layers of the BACnet ASHRAE/ANSI standard for building automation.

    We provide the full line of the I/A Series LonWorks® products. The TAC I/A Series MicroNet Sensors (MN-Sxxx series) are a family of digital wall temperature and humidity sensors for use with TAC I/A Series MicroNet controllers. These sensors feature a Sensor Link (S-Link) communication protocol which provides a simple two-wire interface for power and exchange of sensor and sub-base information. Sub-base information includes selecting occupancy override, fan speed, operating mode, or emergency heat. In addition, we provide a multitude of options for other 3rd party LonWorks® integrated products for gas detection, light sensors, outdoor air conditions as well as many others, such as actuators, meters and lighting control panels.

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BACnet™ Products

  • BACnet™ is the building automation and control networks protocol designed by ASHRAE and is now also an ANSI and ISO standard for applications such as heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning control, lighting control, access control, and fire detection systems and their associated equipment.

    We provide the same full line of the I/A Series BACnet™ products, complete with digital wall temperature and humidity sensors for use with TAC I/A Series MicroNet controllers. Our monitoring and control package is fully integrated to take complete control of the capabilities which these and other 3rd party BACnet™ sensors and controllers offer. In addition, we provide a multitude of options for other 3rd party BACnet™ integrated products for gas detection, light sensors, outdoor air conditions as well as many others, such as actuators, meters and lighting control panels.

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Web Based Graphics

  • In today's wired world, our clients demand real-time web based connectivity and availability for their building automation and management system. Our world class, in-house developed user interfaces provide clear, complete and up-to-date information about your facility from anywhere in the world. Equipped with just your computer and a web browser, you will be able to maintain continuous monitoring and control with your facility or even multiple remote sites.

    Custom designed slides, powerful scheduling, emailed alarms and detailed log data from the sensor and controller network are the cornerstones of our graphic solutions. Our systems are equipped with on-screen help and information to help you navigate and operate the controls in your building with ease at any time, day or night.

    For more information or to request a demo, please contact our sales department today.

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  • With the training and support our qualified staff provides, your peace of mind and confidence in your building mechanical and control systems is always assured. Customizable on-screen help sections and dedicated training sessions are there to ensure all necessary assistance and support is delivered in a timely manner.

    Training sessions are adapted to your needs and the size of the project and can be delivered one-on-one with your individual personnel or as part of a group. Additional training sessions are always available, and they are supported by printed documentation about your control system and operating sequence.

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Air/Hydronic Balancing

  • The comfort provided by a building's air and hydronic systems, as well as the building's efficiency, relies heavily on accurate balancing. Buildings are growing, changing environments and over time factors that affect a building's system change as well, whether it is by modifying or renovating spaces, or through simple wear and tear. Often overlooked, balancing an existing building's system is a very important step in providing continued comfort and efficiency of existing, established facilities.

    The building's control and automation system is intimately connected and necessary in the balancing process, and our familiarity with it allows our technicians to provide the highest degree of accurate assessment and balancing while providing the cost benefits associated with this synergy. Whether it is balancing an existing VAV or VVT system or tuning a living space to design specifications, we posses all the expertise and tools necessary to perform at the highest of today's standards.

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Mechanical & Controls Service

  • Attending to the needs of each building and providing on-going assistance, support and service after the initial construction and deployment phase is the foundation of a successful building maintenance strategy. The challenges brought on by environmental and seasonal conditions, as well as wear and tear on building systems require timely and competent and sometimes unique service performance.

    Our trained and experienced service technicians perform all types of controls and mechanical service to ensure optimum operation. Everything from filters, water treatments, belt replacements or bearings service, to the careful maintenance of the control system components such as sensor calibration, dampers and valve actuators or program tuning is diligently performed by our service staff. Our knowledge and expertise in detecting system problems of both a mechanical and controls nature gives us the ability to provide solutions that take into consideration all components of the overall building system. We provide advice and options for prolonging the longevity of your equipment and optimizing your building operations, while preventing energy waste and equipment failure without a loss of comfort to the occupants.

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Service Agreements

  • Timely service and preventative maintenance are important components of all mechanical, control and automated systems. Performing these tasks will reduce system energy costs, repair costs and maintain the comfort and satisfaction of the building's occupants. Developing a strong working relationship with facility managers, operators and owners is what we strive for and we back our commitment to your long term investment by providing the options, tools and flexibility in your maintenance program that best suits each facility and client.

    Our Service Agreements provide a myriad of options, including timely and regular re-calibration visits, seasonal change-over visits, preventative maintenance reports, operational tests and a detailed service history. This information can be used to assess necessary repair costs for effective budgeting, or to perform in-depth historical analysis when faced with chronic failure or significant system changes. In addition, Service Agreement customers receive discounted service and parts rates and preferred dispatch status, guaranteeing the fastest response to service requests and emergencies. Service Agreements are the complete solution for peace of mind and the assured longevity of your facility.

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